Alex was excited to join the team at M Salon after hearing about Miranda when she was still in cosmetology school.  So as soon as there was an opening, she jumped on board! Since then she has been in this business for a few years and, at this point, is finding the most joy in simply making people feel beautiful and happy. She has a wide variety of talents, but it especially great at finding new creative color combos.

When she's not learning new techniques and growing her knowledge, Alex is trying to just help others in need, whether that be through Positive Tomorrows or Big Brothers and Sisters of Oklahoma. Her passion is helping those in need and one of her particular talents is helping clients understand what best suits their needs and wants. Sometimes those in the chair need a little direction or help figuring our what works best, and that's just what she does. 

You can typically find Alex by the sound of her infectious laughter (the one thing that would be impossible for her to give up), but if you'd rather just call, do it today and Alex will get you taken care of.


For Ami is started off in high school doing her family and friend's hair. Then that passion just grew ... passion for making people happy and naturally, hair is one of the more creative and beautiful ways of making people happy. She grew up in Yukon, OK and move her work to here in the city at M Salon to open up some career opportunities, but if we're being honest, Hawaii is where her heart is at. If someday Ami can do hair in Hawaii, all will be right in the world. It might be a little difficult since she's huge on family and Oklahoma is a bit of a ways from Hawaii, but for now you'll still find her time away from work spent with family, in travel, or at the lake. 


At the salon she is constantly deciphering what styles work best for her clients (trust us, it's a rare talent indeed). Sometimes, the magazine clip just won't look the same on the client and that is when Ami does a great job and makes sure her clients look their best, even if it's not the original idea. Women's cuts and color are another area of expertise and after her experience of over a decade, you'll be in great hands.

Ami is constantly chasing her dreams and wants to be one who leaves a legacy of inspiration and hope. In that, she leaves you with this:

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, the only way to do great work, is to love what you do."      - Steve Jobs


Alise seems to have always had a natural talent for cosmetology.  This talent is obvious given her successful 27 years in the business. She's confident in what she does, pursuing knowledge at every turn. Taking a look at a client's hair and knowing exactly what to do is a special talent of hers, especially with cut and color.

If you want someone very personable, Alise is who you want. "Knowing" is more than just a failed Nicolas Cage movie, it's what Alise gets when you sit in her chair. One of her greatest talents is simply having a "knowing" of what to do. If you want someone personable who knows what you want, even when you don't, stop reading now and go ahead and book Alise. Still aren't convinced? Rest assured when you get out of her chair, you'll feel just as good about yourself as you do your hair, because that's what she loves doing.

When Alise is not behind the chair, she's with who she cares about most ... her family. Family is what she can't stop talking about and when she's not working you'll find her playing with her kids or working out. She's lived on both U.S. coasts but eventually moved to Oklahoma to get married. It's a high calling to be a good and loving person, friend, mom, and wife, but Alise has no reason to be worried.



Not all enter this profession under such strange circumstances, thank God for Grandmother Dell'osa. Arhmad came into the business of cutting hair after regular attempts by his grandmother to cut his hair with ... a Tupperware bowl and some clippers. We're all sorry Arhmad.

Not sporting his Tupperware cut anymore, you'll frequently find Arhmad showing off his fashion forward style with his own hair, but it doesn't stop there. Everything about Arhmad screams fashion, and he puts that same style into his work as a stylist. He's known in the industry for that edgy fashion forward style and is great in finding the perfect hairstyle to fit his clients lifestyle, while keeping is fashion forward. Most of all, Arhmad gets his kicks from making people feel renewed in themselves each and every time they encounter.

The hard work he's passionate about doesn't stop when he leaves the salon though. Soul-winning is a top passion of his right next to spending time at home with his favorite person, Cruz. "My son from who I learn from daily," Dell'osa says. 

For the last 15 years he has been making his mark in the industry, while keeping current with the best practices as well as the newest styles, and of course, the classics. He hopes to continue his mark in OKC and be remembered in this business for being a fashion-forward leader among his peers


Some people just know college isn't for them; the conformity, the restriction. So Brett Jackson took a leap of faith in the industry over 10 years ago and never looked back. Now his creative mind is in a career where he can not only work, but learn while allowing him to explore his artistic side, hone his craft, and express his passion for fashion. He's a visual creative especially when it comes to color. 

"Being visual has always given me the upper hand in anything creative and having an eye for color and the confidence in myself to explore the color wheel has allowed me to find a love for custom-blending colors to give each and every client there unique color, to bring out there inner beauty."

Not only is Brett great at starting from scratch, but if you need something corrected, he's one of the best. Though corrective color and cuts are challenging, he accepts every challenge with excitement and expertise. Ever since he was young, he has always had an ability to use the tools he had at hand to make something good even better. Brett has been doing just that for the last decade; making his skill better through hands-on education every chance he gets and loving every minute of it. The pride he takes in his work is evident not only by hands-on education, but by the fact that he gets by getting a certification in everything he can related to his field. As he says, "I believe you are only as good as the tools you use ..." so that's why he trains his hands, his mind, and even uses the Kevin Murphy Color.Me product line that is environmentally friendly.

Though his start began in northern Oklahoma's Ponca city, his desire to explore himself and broaden his views on the amazing world in which he lives, Brett moved to the heart of Oklahoma. As Brett says, "Change is good and always looking for the next adventure life has in store for me." Which would make sense because one of the things he's most passionate about is getting to travel the world, doing what he loves, and sharing his love for art with the world.

It's hard to see his work as work since he loves it so much, but you'll find his passion for hair is a driving factor even when he's not "working". Any chance Brett gets to combine beauty for a cause, he's always down to lend a hand. Charity fashion shows, events for a cure, and especially supporting organizations that support the youth that come from broken or troubled home are not only time well spent, but he has always had a soft spot for them.  It is why he's always doing what he loves and incorporating it with networking every chance he gets; it not just about his career and his alone, but striving to be a part of something bigger, making a bigger difference. Brett will always give it his all with his can-do attitude and hope the world just sees him as just a good ole boy who saw the world for the good.


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, trained in central California, classes with celebrity stylist such as Tracey Cunningham, Sam Villa and Vivienne Mackinder, Devin has had quite a life and career in such a short time. Her passion for working with women and making them feel beautiful inside and out led her to this industry and she has been helping people ever since. With skills and certifications in Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Complex, hair color, extensions, and makeup, Devin is not only talented but she is great at reading into what clients want and creating a look that is flattering to their features and personal style. Know for doing great color she is proud to be especially great at natural colors that maintain the integrity of the hair. Finding inspiration from Victoria's Secret models and celebrities she is always following the newest hair color trends and how those trends progress year to year. Education is a must and Devin is no exception. Even after training with such elite stylists, she is constantly educating herself on the latest styles.

Whether it's at the animal shelter kissing kitties, roller blading or on an outdoor adventure with her husband, Devin keeps busy. Not too busy to spend time on what she believes is important though. Devin really enjoys helping out with different charity events and having something very practical to offer as a hairdresser.

"I'm crazy about any volunteer activities where I can use my skills as a hairdresser to help those that could not otherwise afford it. I enjoy helping kids and teens that have the odds stacked against them."

Overall Devin is a generous & thoughtful stylist, wife, and cat-owner (Samson, her beloved). If you can remember her that way and maybe come let her take care of your face, hair, and skin, she'll do an amazing job and be very happy while doing it.


It is probably best to just start at the beginning. During high school Heather attended an alternative school where she could choose a trade. Cosmetology landed in her lap and it's a good thing it did, because she was a natural. To her surprise, she did extremely well and so, with a passion that will soon become apparent, she pushed herself to interview at a local salon and was hired! It's been nearly a decade and she has never been happier! 


Heather is great at listening and understanding a persons vision for their hair. She's a big visionary herself, so it makes that step pretty easy. You can rest easy and know that your concerns as new clients are not only heard, but understood. Heather always has great recommendations to get you to the style that you want, so you can leave with the best hair you've ever had.

This life-long Edmond-ite is a Jesus-loving, health-and-fitness-pursuing, positive-thinking, two-son-loving mother who couldn't imagine being in any other career. But when she is not make her clients ooze red carpet, she typically at home with her boys enjoying their day. It could be games, art & crafts, or maybe just some movies and snacks, but family time is the best of times. 

It's her drive to be loving, caring, and loyal, and this definitely comes out in the way she treats her clients. She's not going to treat you any other way than the way she would want to be treated. That's a good part of the reason for Heather's success in the last decade and probably why she fit in so well styling the news anchors at KOCO 5 during part of her career. She loves to learn and be challenged which has made her an expert and many things by now, including blowouts! With a long list of happy clients behind her, Heather would love nothing more than to have you leave her chair and rave about you spectacular new look. Come on out today and make her day by letting her actually make money doing what she loves, getting to talk and spend time with clients she loves, and we promise, you'll get a thing or two out of it too!



If there was anyone that would encourage you still step up to the plate, to keep on pushing yourself, to think outside the box and put your inner beauty first, that would be Janifer. These may not sound like things that are the best qualifiers for an amazing stylist, but it's what sets her apart from other. Yes, she has the 16+ years of experience. Yes, she has been some amazing teams, including the News Channel 4 team. But, what makes you look beautiful is when you are encouraged to let that inner beauty come out. It may come out in how you treat your friends and family. Janifer is spending every free second with her husband and kids, they are her world. It may be trusting your stylist to be straight with you. Janifer will do what is best for your hair! She'll keep the integrity of your hair priority 1, while finding creative ways to make sure you get what you came in for. Letting your inner beauty come out may be trusting your stylist enough to talk and let her into to who you are; where you can not only have a stylist who does a job for you, but a friend who will stick by your for years to come, who genuinely cares about you and your hair.

Janifer loves the bonds she has with her clients, but she also loves getting to know those new clients. When she has a new client, she'll be patient and pay attention to the details required to come away with a beautiful cut. That may be a long beautiful flowing cut or something short and spunky. She prides herself on her short cuts.

"I have been known among my coworkers for having a knack for short hair. I love cutting! Short hair styles, I feel, allow me to be a bit more creative and that is always fun! Long styles are beautiful and I enjoy them as well, but short cuts make me feel like a sculptor carving out my masterpiece. I love getting creative!"

When she came into this profession, it wasn't like "choosing to do hair". Always, had she loved doing hair. From as far back as her memory can take her, she'd be behind those will to sit still long enough and let this young girls passion grow into something that would fuel her creativity and provide for her family. Even though she's been in the game a while, it's not like she's finished learning. In fact, she's a firm believer that you can never know everything about hair. Thus, she's constantly learning. She's in classes, she's online learning, she's asking peers and mentors questions. All this education makes it to where she can confidently try a new style or technique. Never will she try something she's not confident about. If Janifer is unsure, there are some great talented people at M Salon just a few feet away.

It may seem like Janifer would never have free time, with as dedicated to her family and career as she is, but don't worry she still has plenty of time for her Crossfit passion as well. She tried it years ago and got hooked! It challenging and pushes one to the limits, where they're able to do what they never thought possible (seeing a trend in Janifer, right!?). If that wasn't enough, Janifer also loves the charity Embrace Grace, a place that gives young women a place to turn for support so they feel they have options when unplanned pregnancy happens. Spending time at the non-profit and helping these young women is just another way she helps the world be a more beautiful place, from the inside out.

"It is so rewarding to know I fought through wanting to give up. I thrive in that! I do not allow myself to say I can't. It not what CAN you do, but what are you WILLING to do."


Back in high school Kate would come up with unique beautiful hairstyles for herself and then soon realized she wanted to create that same beauty for other people. Those short hair days and creative fun colors inspired her to take the step to hair school and graduated in 2011.  Raised in OKC, this is her home and she has been using her gifts to help people and raise money for various causes for years.

Kate gets super excited when she can make someone feel good about themselves, and we're pretty sure she chose the right industry for that. The beauty industry is always changing and her passion for it drives her to constantly be learning, adapting, and staying up-to-date with the latest in fashion and decoration. Kate loves a lot of things, but among them: photoshoots, making people feel beautiful, short hair cuts, vivid colors, people, and of course, her family. With her friends and family is where you'll find her a lot of the time ... or maybe a PiYo (yeah, we had to look it up too. Yoga + Pilates + a lot of other cool stuff).

Kate loves so unconditionally and this really helps with her clients. When you love what you do and the people you do it with, it makes talking with your client more than just a conversation; you are getting to know what makes them tick, listening, and then guiding them through the entire process. Kate makes sure you always know what's going on and stay comfortable the entire time. In the box or out of the box, whatever thinking you like, Kate's got you covered.


Kyla is one to take immense pride in not only herself, but her work ethic. She is someone who puts her all into her work and is extremely happy that she gets just as much out of it as she puts into it. Her work brings her joy and it's a joy to have Kyla take care of you. She'll get you comfortable in minutes while you can confidently relax knowing you've got her full attention. With her skill behind the chair you might think she was always meant for this, but not even she knew that at first. It took her leaving the nursing field to do this and realize this is her passion. Being able to have passion in what you do it not only rare, but it is a joy and a tool that will urge you to constantly do better. Her passion goes beyond her career though because Kyla has a zest for life that is few and far between for sure.

Her childhood in Fletcher, Oklahoma was too small for this girl, so off to the city she moved and began her life with her friends and family here, and hasn't regretted a second of it since! Life here in the city not only provides opportunity for work and the ability to pursue her passion, but it allows Kyla to fulfill her desire to explore the city on Sunday afternoons, to relax with some of her favorite people, and just be around all of those good vibes she desires.

Her desires and passions definitely do not end with herself. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a specific non-profit she loves which came about after her cousin was diagnosed when he was 2 years old. He is now 8 and happy and healthy, but she still is involved and trying her best to give back, help others, and remain involved. This goes hand in hand with her philosophy of being a positive light for people. You may go in for just a haircut, but you just might leave with a great new look ... and a little more joy in your life.


There are many things and life people can't do without. Music and her vegan lifestyle would be at the top of Lauren's list. If that doesn't tell you what kind of awesome person she is, we're not sure what will. Maybe the fact that she loves vivids (see here) and people come to her from all over just for them? Maybe you'll get a better understanding knowing that though she has always been drawn to the hair industry, it was her finally deciding to follow her dreams and go for it that lead her to where she is at today. 

Doing hair and helping clients feel beautiful about themselves brings me so much joy! I feel so in my element behind the chair.

She's happy to guide indecisive clients to achieve their hair goals. She's happy to give thorough consultations that lead to happy clients feeling beautiful about themselves. She takes pride in pushing color boundaries and going outside the regular.

always edgy. always fashion forward.

Truth be told, when music, hair, and family, are what you're most passionate about and you're actually doing what you're most passionate about, that's where the magic happens. Lauren has grown in a short time from attending Duncan Brothers School of hair Design and is constantly utilizing all her passion and love through her life and "work". Looking for a hair design with style, passion, and forward-thinking? Look no further. Hey, maybe it's time for those tape extensions you were thinking about?! Yeah, she's a pro at those too. Whenever you need that perfect cut [except when she's at a local band's show or by the pool] come on in and be at ease and in your element, while she's in her element.



Michel has always wanted to do something that would help people feel better about themselves; help them feel good in their own skin. It only makes sense that she would be in a career where she can literally sculpt and reshape the body to help you feel confident and happy on the inside and outside. After being so blessed that she could stay at home with her 3 girls while they grew up, it was time to return to more traditional work. Not wanting to find a job that would simply pass the time and pay the bills, Michel decided to jump into a field that is not only new to the U.S., but new to most people, as they have not heard of what she actually does.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is her bread and butter. This body contouring without surgery and no down time can quickly help people with the areas they struggle with, whether it’s the crow’s feet or laugh lines on their face or tummy pooch or cellulite one just can’t seem to get rid of. It is quick and easy, thus this process makes it very affordable for most people who otherwise wouldn't have the time or money to do so. It doesn’t hurt either that she is completely passionate about it; she is passionate about being able to help and see that smile on your face after that treatment actually does help.

Michel’s passion doesn’t end at her job, but continues on to her family – and Disney. You’ll find her on her downtime with her soon-to-be husband, 3 very beautiful girls, and of course, 4 puppies. This whole family makes regular trips to Disney World and Michel even won a medal for running in a Disney World marathon … now that’s impressive. Almost as impressive as being awarded as one of Midwest City’s notable citizens.

When Michel is not running in marathons or keeping busy with PTA, she’ll be here, in the heart of Oklahoma. Where she has always been. Oklahoma hold her heart, and we all know that’s in part because of those wonderful people like you. So if you have stubborn cellulite, some lines you want to get rid of, or anything else you can think of, give Michel a shout. She has a relaxing private suite and a full list of services to keep you looking beautiful and feeling great.


Okay so don't get too distracted by Olya's amazing journey and talent. After 17 years of styling you're bound to be good, but that doesn't even do her justice. This Barre instructor, was born with natural gifts. These artistic abilities lead her to the world of hair and makeup, just to start. It started in Germany (fun fact: where the Barre Workout was founded), where Olya was born. Then raised in Estonia, life eventually took her to the U.S. where she has been for 18 years. Her love for beauty, health, and fitness all go hand-in-hand, and one would think helped lead her to runner up in Mrs. Oklahoma 2011!!! #impressed

So when she's no making us all jealous, Olya is transforming her clients at M Salon.

"I love the transformation of my clients. Whether it's completely changing their look with hair color and makeup, or just enhancing their natural beauty with a trim or blowout, I love it all."

This constantly changing industry keeps her on her toes and that's one of the main reasons she loves it. One of the easiest things to do is to cover up someones inner beauty with something flashy. One of the hardest things to do is to bring out the inner beauty of a client with some scissors and makeup. That's because it's more than simply giving an hour of your time and collecting a paycheck. It's knowing your clients, being caught up in what makes them tick and giving them your time and talents in such a way that reassures people of the beauty they already knew existed within them.

Her career does not take the first place in her life though, that would be her family. When she's not working, by their side you'll find her, caring for them. Laughing with them. In her family, in her life from Germany to Oklahoma, she's been fulfilling her dreams, living her happy life. If she can give you just a small part of that by making your day better, then she'd like to take care of your beauty needs today.


I love changing people’s minds with just a simple haircut

There are a lot of things Sidnea is great at, but if you're wanting a talented stylist that is also caring & silly who can give the most amazing blowout and "tease it to Jesus", (yeah, we're not sure what that means either), then to Sidnea is where you need to go. She has been doing hair since about 10 years old and after seeing she had the talent and creativity for it, her family encouraged her to pursue it professionally. After being in the business professionally for years she has come to find that she is happiest when making others happy. "I love changing people's mood with just a simple haircut," Sidena told us.

You will love her creativity and energy. Not only that but she loves helping to encourage, teach, and see that change happen that you never could have dreamed of on your own. When people come to her with dry or damaged hair, Sidnea takes the time to help them through the process of making it healthy and beautiful again. That's the kind of attention she pays to each of her clients.

When she's not helping out those clients though, it's common to find her with her husband, or at a car race [because her love for hair is matched with her love for cars and racing], or maybe just helping out at her church. Sidnea is just a funny, loving person that will make you feel at ease. Maybe it's that personality that helped her win Miss Photogenic 2013 Miss Teen Oklahoma. So, from a small town of 700, with not one stoplight in sight, to one of the largest cities by area, she's here to serve you guys at M Salon. If you have more questions, just a submit a contact form, otherwise book your appointment today!


"Massage is a luxury you can't afford to miss. Invest in yourself. You are worth it!"

Summer is a licensed Massage Therapist, R.N. and simply put, she loves people, and especially loves making them feel better through massage. Always trying to incorporate what she has learned from people, places, and experiences, Summer is always looking to do the best for her clients.

Her career journey began as a Registered Nurse, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. Then married into the U.S. Army after college and has proudly worked along-side our brave soldiers as a surgical nurse at the Army Hospital in Ft. Hood Texas; as well as the School Nurse at Vogelweh and Kaiserslautern military schools in Germany.

"The Army opened my eyes to the beauty of people with unique backgrounds and different cultures, all around the world."

 As a nurse, in these settings, she began to see how high stress and physically demanding jobs can take a toll on people and noticed how a shoulder rub or head massage could really help people to relax. Summer, wanting to increase her knowledge of massage, began to incorporate it into her skills as a nurse she noticed it dramatically helped improve the physical and emotional well being of those around her.

Upon returning to the States, she enrolled in a Massage Therapy program in Killeen, Texas, and began working with clients with all different types of issues. Now, Summer has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013 and she loves her job. Hoping to bring every client she meets a sense of peace, some relief from pain and stress, and an overall feeling of well-being is not only her passion and drive, but with her experience and training, it's practically a guarantee.


Having a great stylist is kind of like having a great haircut. When your hair is done well, it is easy to style and take care of at home, which saves you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary frustration. There may be a lot of good haircuts for you, but not many great ones. If you want a color or cut that is easy to style at home, that grows out without issues, then you need someone who will listen to you and understand your needs & wants. 

Tara is sure to make your time enjoyable and have you leaving with a cut and color that is not good, but great.

Not even surprisingly these days, Tara is one of the many to leave California's sunshine for the appeal of Oklahoma. Now, that doesn't mean she's new to the business. Tara has been slaying it behind the chair for 11 years! Even getting an award for her talent in cut and color. Her vibes mesh perfectly as M Salon and if you are looking for style, then you're in the right place at M Salon, and especially with Tara. Not only is she know for her A-Line Bobs, but her blondes and natural looking highlights and color leaves just about nothing to-be-desired. 

Though Tara is a well-seasoned expert, she loves a challenge and loves working with her clients to push boundaries and do whatever it takes to make people feel confident and beautiful, while keeping their hair healthy and happy from beginning to end. It's always her hope to have you leave with a smile on your face. There will be one on hers too, knowing she helped bring out who you really are through your cut or color. Love your life. Love your hair ... and book Tara today!