+ do I have to make an appointment?

No, we make this easy for you. Though, if you would like to reserve a specific stylist or a specific time you would need to you would need to make an appointment, either online or over the phone.

+ I'm having a wedding, do you offer your services on-site?

Yes, we do wedding services on site and in the salon. We have a bridal room we can reserve in the salon and our stylists have experience in all styles of wedding hair and makeup. Feel free to come in and get a free wedding consultation!

+ Is everyone at the same skill level and how can I tell?

No, M Salon stylists are at varying skill levels and are trained in different services. Their bios will tell this info as well as a complimentary consultation.

+ do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards are only sold through each individual stylist. Please contact the stylist directly or submit a contact form on our site letting us know what you need and we'll get you taken care of.

+ Do you offer spa and beauty treaments for a large group?

Yes, we have a uniquely large facility that can accomidate spa and beauty treaments as a group, saving you time and making your experience flow seamslessly, start to finish.

+ what is the best way to schedule an appointment?

There are a few ways, so choose what suites you best. You can make an appointment online (by submitting a contact form or following the "book appointment" links to our booking site - MINDBODY Online), through emailing the salon receptionist at, or by calling the stylist directly.

+ Do your prices vary based on the stylist?

Yes, prices are enforced by M Salon, but each stylist can have different pricings based on services and skill level. Check out our Pricings page to see where the service pricings start.

+ it's my first time at m salon ...

Glad to have you! If it's your first time then you can do a complimentary consultation and decide what the next step is from there or if you're ready to jump in then simply pick a stylist that suites your style and price range (call for specific stylist prices), then call, email, or book online to pick a time that is good for you. Feel free to contact the owner, Miranda Augusta, and ask her which stylist she thinks would best suite you and your style.

+ I'm a stylist looking to rent a booth ...

We would love to show you around! First, submit an application (online or in person) and then we will contact you to schedule a meeting with the owner to go over everything. There is no contract and M Salon provides education, booking system, receptionist, refreshments, towel and cleaning services all in an upbeat supportive environment.